5th Annual Christmas Eve at Wrong Way Cafe

A photo from last year's Christmas Eve party. Men are also welcome.

With 6 or so days to go until Christmas Eve, it’s decision making time. The most important ingredient is, of course, all of you. Especially the girls and not-quite girls who dressed up so finely for us last year. Everyone is encouraged to wear red, but I don’t see what’s wrong with green, and wearing clothes at all is not necessarily enforced. Anyway, as usual, we will do our very best to keep you at the Wrong Way Cafe until the wee hours of the morning Christmas day. And, to empower yourself for this important endeavor, you will have to have a good feed. That’s where I come in. In fact, it’s the only meaningful role that I play in the whole thing.

This year, in addition to the roasted turkeys and traditional gravy and such, and not-so-traditional Thai food, I’m going to roast a piglet. I’ve never roasted a piglet, so you will all be my guinea pigs. Most people resort to pit roasting them or spit roasting them, as they don’t fit easily into a household oven, but I’ve got a wood-fired oven, so this year I’m going to put it to maximum use. Allowing a lot of creative latitude, I’m going to follow something Google found for me which is wood-fired oven specific. What is interesting is that this guy, Francesco, cooks 2kg of cannellini beans in the oven at the same time. The article states that the beans are of vital importance, because the water absorbs excess heat, and also (by evaporation) gives the oven the proper amount of humidity. Well, the closest I can get to cannellini beans is navy beans, so that means, allowing a bit of improvisation, Boston Baked Beans. Oh, and he roasts potatoes along with the piglet, on the same roasting tray; they absorb the juices and are coated with the runoff fat. . . Yummy.

Pig on Tony's farm recycling its urine; they have been trained to do this from remarkable distances.

But first I’ve got to get myself a piglet. And not just any piglet. I have the great pleasure of knowing an Aussie gentleman named Tony who manages a small, sustainable, pig farm in Ban Hua Sua, Sisaket. Recently he’s been experimenting with making his own soil. Anyway, nothing goes to waste on Tony’s pig farm. The pig manure is composted and sold as organic fertilizer. Some is consumed by his composting worms which he got from Fergus’ worm farm, same as I did, and he somehow kept them from escaping. His setup is so sustainable, he’s even trained his pigs to recycle their urine by peeing, sometimes from remarkable distances, into their own drinking water containers.

So, don’t miss Christmas Eve at Wrong Way Cafe. The fun begins at 6:30 p.m. when I torture you, as usual, by being about 45 minutes late in bringing out the buffet. But with roast turkeys and a suckling pig, not to mention shiitake and Italian sausage stuffing, roasted potatoes, Boston baked beans. . . at 195 baht per person, it should be an irresistible bargain.

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  1. gart Westerhout says:

    hey, that is just 483 yen! quite the deal! Have fun!

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