Me and My Wrong Way Cafe

I’ve been very busy coming up with schemes to eradicate malnutrition and generally improve things in Laos, single-handedly, of course. Since this is a just cause and such and requires copious amounts of attention and Beer Lao, I’ve decided to retire from my position on Wrong Way Cafe’s Board of Mismanagement and sell my share of ownership to Ting. Over the years we’ve built up a great deal of goodwill. In fact, this was a major consideration when it came down to fixing a value on the pub. Factoring in the goodwill, we decided that Wrong Way Cafe was worth at least 5,000 baht ($159). The gentleman that I am, I settled for 2,000 baht ($64), leaving Ting the lion’s share. As a result, I have henceforth dispensed with my otherwise inalienable right to stand behind the counter and chat with customers while the staff struggle to maneuver around me; and, most dreadfully, I accept the fact that I have to pay my own bill from now on. However, I retain my right to love Wrong Way Cafe with all my heart. I will be using Wrong Way Cafe as the point of direct sales for my naturally grown, chemical free produce from my farm on the Bolaven Plateau, so that’s something to look forward to (but don’t hold your breath).

Besides, with regards to Wrong Way Cafe (and sung to the rhythm of Paul Simon’s “Cecilia”):

I got up to wash my face

When I come back to bed

A Norwegian’s taken my place

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4 Responses to Me and My Wrong Way Cafe

  1. david says:

    no worries richard… i’ll see you there for a beer again soon.

  2. Mike says:

    No No that isn’t Cecilia, should be Norwegian wood with a touch of the death watch beatle, Beatle yeh yeh yeh.
    Anyway I’ll still buy you a beer wherever you may be.
    Maybe it’s time to do the visa runs to Pakse instead of Vientiane.
    Good luck with the Bolaven Plateau.
    My house will be finished mid nov. So you’ll always have a warm welcome, a good place to sleep and lots of very very cold beer

  3. Bill says:

    Greetings from a fellow farang…Montana, USA.

    I recently arrived to the Ubon area, home to my loving wife whom I met while on R&R from working in the war zones…Iraq/Afghanistan. I was looking for some eggs and bacon for breakfast and searched the net this morning and found the WWCafe, unfortunately, and after doing some wrong way outlaw driving downtown, we located it but it was closed and had to settle for the coffee shop a couple doors down. However, I have been reading your extremely informative and entertaining blog today.

    Ironic that I have been noting several ideas while taking in the rocket festivals these past few weeks and discussing them with my wife, such as aquaponics including upside down tomatoes, etc, custom rice cutting, chair and umbrella rentals, and finding out who fixes the rockets and get in on that action.

    Anyway, I made it to this post and see that you’ve left the area for greener pastures over in Laos. Good luck and you’ve another faithful reader.

    kind regards,


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