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Building the Cube– Part 1

As you can see, the one spot at the Vientiane residence which I could sort of call my own for a quiet beer in the evening was overrun, beset upon by an intoxicated mob of revelers. They carried on like … Continue reading

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Introducing the Mysterious Cube

At the end of February I made a post titled “Little Cottage on the Plateau.” The title was supposed to remind my readers, with no lack of nostalgia, of the old TV program “Little House on the Prairie.” The little … Continue reading

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2012– The Year of Swift and Relentless Lateral Drift– Part 3

Since the Lao and Thai New Year is just a few days away, I thought I’d wrap up what’s been going on, or not going on. I’m taking the Lao mom to the dentist tomorrow to have a tooth extracted, … Continue reading

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